How do I watch?

It's quite simple. Once a live production begins, visitors to our home page will be forwarded automatically to the live production until the event is over.

Can I get a copy?

Not a problem. But, unless requested otherwise, your special event will also remain in our online archives for viewing again, anytime, and as often as you'd like.

Can my event be private?

Of course! Live productions can be public, private, or restricted to a custom list of special guests.

What is your territory?

Have equipment, will travel! Trains, planes & automobiles. Oh... and cruise ships! We're happy to travel along. We only ask that you cover expenses related to travel beyond 70 miles of Fredericksburg.

What does it cost?

What makes 'Special Events' so special is that no two are alike. So we bid each event individually. But a general pricing sheet is available upon request.

Do you only produce weddings?

Nope. Special events of all kinds.

So how does it work?

Allow Kaleb to explain...

Got an example for me?

You bet! Here's a beauty of Laura & Ezekiel's elopement at Featherstone Ranch.

Btw: No internet? No problem! Most venues around the Hill Country lack the upload bandwidth for our HD video. But with our custom, portable internet solution, we're able to get it done.

How about another?

St. Mary's Catholic Church: Rachael + John = beautiful Saturday afternoon wedding!

Still have questions?

Tap here to send us an email.