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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch?

Super simple: we provide a custom link to share, or simply visit CordiallyInvited.Live to be automatically forwarded when your video is live.

What's the difference?

While some are satisfied with live streaming from a smartphone, families choose us when they're looking for a live keepsake: professionally captured audio, 4K cameras, discreetly placed videographers, broadcast trailer, redundant power & recordings, fiberoptic connectivity… we want your guests to see you, not us.

Can I get a copy?

No problem. Your special event abides in our archives to watch or download anytime.

What does it cost?

What makes 'Special Events' so special is that no two are alike. That's why we bid each event individually, from $900 to $4000.

Got some more examples for me?

You bet! Here are a couple from Featherstone Ranch & Contigo Ranch.

Btw: No internet? No problem! Most venues around the Hill Country lack sufficient cellular or internet bandwidth for streaming HD video. But with our custom buildout solutions, we can get it done.

Can my event be private?

Of course! Live productions can be public, private, or restricted to a specific list of special guests.

What is your territory?

Have gear, will travel! Trains, planes & automobiles. Oh... and cruise ships! We're happy to travel along. We only ask that you cover expenses related to travel beyond 35 miles of Fredericksburg.

Do you only produce weddings?

906 Special Events of all kinds and counting.

Still have questions?

Tap here to send us an email.